Our identity lies in social responsibility. By enriching communities through industry-focused initiatives, we positively influence the lives of people who need help.  

Social Impact

Global Impact

Under our leadership's guidance, we supported two projects in Tanzania by providing training, equipment, and resources for water well construction and an orphanage with Power to Change. Collaborating with Global Aid Network, the humanitarian partner of Power to Change, our generous donations established a computer school in North Korea, offering training and life skills to its citizens. Additionally, we contributed to food, nutritional, and educational programs in Cambodia and Thailand to aid in natural disaster relief and support employment opportunities for local citizens.

The principle of helping others change their life situation guides our chairman and the entire leadership team at Primacorp Ventures. In 2023, the foundation launched a crucial food aid initiative in Afghanistan to support 200 families affected by the earthquake in partnership with the Agency for Peace and Development.

"We believe it is our responsibility to alleviate human suffering and show care and love for one another."

Dr. Peter Chung


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a big part of who we are as a company and are the driving force behind our industries and initiatives. Inclusion and equity empower our diverse community to innovate and meet the demands of this changing world. 

Our value of the uniqueness of each individual drives us to create meaningful employment opportunities for differently-abled individuals. We also support the employment goals of refugees, newcomers, and Indigenous peoples. 

At Primacorp Ventures, we foster an environment of trust and respect among our staff, leadership and partners and expect that everyone contributes to a safe, positive, and encouraging environment.  

Our commitment to our values drives us to extend financial support to various initiatives to reach underrepresented groups in Canada.

Healthcare Impact

Primacorp Ventures has been contributing to initiatives that raise awareness about the pressing issues of poverty, homelessness, and addiction, which plague communities around the country, by partnering with organizations like Vancouver Zion Mission Choir.

In 2022, Primacorp Ventures donated $60,000 to the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, which began its mental health program in 1987 to support local communities in their battle against prolonged wait times for mental health sufferers to get the support they need.

Healthcare donations to hospitals also have a significant impact on the community. In 2019, Dr. Chung donated $1 million to the Surrey Memorial Hospital to transform the Children's Health Centre, which has helped thousands of children and families see pediatric specialists closer to home. Moreover, the foundation has donated generously to Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital Foundation to hire healthcare epilepsy program fellows to care for the community.

Our commitment to our values extends to financial support for Canadian healthcare organizations and investing in the leaders of tomorrow through scholarships and mentorship programs in healthcare education. 

Education Impact

Part of our mission is to change lives through education, and we have taken this promise to heart: Education is Primacorp Venture’s most prominent industry, and we are Canada's largest provider of private post-secondary education, which means having responsibility for the people we serve.  

The foundation is dedicated to ensuring students get access to education at its four colleges by providing funding to students who have financial shortfalls or providing educational scholarships through various partnerships.

Primacorp Ventures offers students access to scholarships through partnerships with institutions outside the four college brands it manages and operates. Students at Providence, Trinity Western, UBC, SFU, and various other universities and colleges across the globe have received funding to get education to better their lives.

Refugee Support

Primacorp Ventures' frequent donations to Canadian communities and beyond make a dramatic difference in people’s lives. The foundation partnered with MOSAIC refugee projects to provide English training to newcomers through the LINC program. 

We also offer a special scholarship to refugees and immigrants through the colleges. 

In 2023, we donated $50,000 to the the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) Conference in Peterborough, Ontario, to enhance collaboration and support for refugees throughout their resettlement journey by uniting key stakeholders from the refugee resettlement agencies, government, the public, and the private sectors

Indigenous Support

In collaboration with Indspire, a national Indigenous charity, we are allocating half a million dollars in funding and awards over four years, with a total contribution reaching $1 million due to federal government fund matching.

This joint effort aims to narrow the educational gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians by encouraging students to apply for scholarships through Indspire, promoting increased access to education, and supporting positive outcomes for Indigenous communities. 

This initiative aligns with our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, addressing educational disparities identified by the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Principles of Reconciliation.

The partnership also observes Orange Shirt Day, raising awareness of the lasting impact of residential schools on Indigenous communities and culture. The emphasis on continued learning and dialogue with Indigenous perspectives is crucial, as highlighted by leaders involved in this collaborative effort.