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Peter Chung thrives on visionary thinking and meets each challenge head-on. The more difficult the proposed venture, the more he enjoys seeing the project through to fruition. With a mission statement that focuses on changing lives through education, service and care, Primacorp Ventures has invested in schools that have grown to become Canada’s largest independent provider of private post-secondary education. With annual enrollments of 15,000 or more, students are given an opportunity to retrain and become productive members of our global community through the market driven education programs offered in the seven school brands. The care home division is unique in that it provides affordable senior care in a truly multicultural environment, allowing seniors to enjoy their golden years in a comfortable and accommodating facility that respects and celebrates the differences that are the Canadian social fabric. Primacorp’s newest pursuit, Joe’s Table Cafe, is a young social enterprise dedicated to creating meaningful employment for individuals with cognitive disabilities. Opening in early 2013, the first Joe’s Table Café has proudly declared itself an intentionally inclusive environment, employing 5 of 9 individuals with disabilities. Expansion plans have been formulated with a target of 10 locations opened within three years. Our first Cafe has been featured on all major Canadian news and media outlets and in Korea on a major television station.

Outside of his business interests, Peter and his wife, Stephanie, devote considerable time and resources to many causes that are dear to them and their family. In April 2003, an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters was conferred on Peter in recognition of his contribution to human welfare. Briercrest Seminary College in Saskatchewan, Canada recognized the breadth and depth of his involvement as a global citizen and recognized him in this way. Stephanie was the proud recipient of similar recognition when she received an honorary Doctorate in Humanities from Trinity Western University in 2012.
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