Joe’s Table – an inclusive Café where half of the staff have diverse abilities – has a significant impact on the staff and their lives and the inclusive environment, affecting everyone the moment they come through the door.  


Currently, there are 6 locations in 3 countries across 2 continents to promote and support employment inclusivity. 

About Joe's Table

After the death of their son, Joseph Chung, CEO Dr. Peter Chung and his wife, Stephanie, founded Joe’s Table. This inclusive cafe combines high-quality coffee with meaningful employment for differently abled individuals.


By hiring, training, including, and empowering individuals with diverse abilities, Joe's Table bridges the gap in employment opportunities and provides invaluable employment experience. We advocate for inclusive employment practices in multiple locations, locally in Squamish and globally in South Korea and the USA.  

Community is at the heart of our mission. Inclusive communities invite individuals from all backgrounds and abilities to be embraced and empowered. We celebrate diversity in both our staffing model and customers.



"You don’t want people to come for sympathy. We want to make sure we are like any other coffee shop..."

— Stephanie Chung

Coordinator, Wife and Partner of CEO

Joseph Chung Gallery

Joe's Table Café blends great service, drinks, and fine art. The café employs and collaborates with artists with diverse abilities, showcasing their masterpieces in the coffee shops. The gallery sales are non-profit, and proceeds from art sales directly support the artists. The Joseph Chung Gallery promotes community wellness and establishes special needs artists' reputations. 

Together, we shape a brighter future through education and empowerment. Join this movement by visiting Joe's Table.

Inviting Everyone
To Our Table

Joe's Table has multiple locations, including partnerships with educational institutions and local shops. Located both locally in Burnaby and Squamish and globally in South Korea.

As we continue our mission of fostering meaningful employment for differently-abled individuals. We're greatly encouraged by how Joe's Table serves as a catalyst, inspiring other groups to consider offering employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Joe's Table Cafe Quest University

3200 University Blvd,
Squamish, BC V8B 0N8

Joe's Table Society Head Office

300 – 960 Quayside Dr
New Westminster, BC V3M 6G2

Joe's Table Cafe Sarang

Sarang Church
121 Banpo-Daero, Seocho-gu,
Seoul, South Korea

Joe's Table Cafe FEBC

56 Wausan-ro
서강동 Mapo-gu
Seoul, South Korea

Joe's Table Cafe Suwon

76 2층(203D호 I AM센터),
World cup-ro,
Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, South Korea

Joe's Table Cafe at Billy Graham Library

4330 Westmont Dr,
Charlotte, NC 28217
United States