We provide humanitarian aid by partnering with global initiatives to demonstrate, promote, and share the core tenets of the Christian faith while alleviating human suffering. 

Our Mission

The three core pillars of Coram Deo's mission:  

  1. Demonstrating Compassionate Action through Humanitarian Aid 
  2. Empowering Christian Leadership 
  3. Promoting Christian Teachings 

Coram Deo Foundation collaborates with other global organizations to spread and implement Christian teachings from the Holy Bible through various communication channels.

Additionally, we promote Christian teachings through financial aid and establishing and conducting programs to educate individuals in Christian leadership and principles, fostering leaders in the community.

Joseph Chung Scholarship

The Joseph Chung Scholarship Fund is an annual initiative providing financial support for those pursuing ministry, post-secondary education, special education, or learning and development disabilities. In the legacy of Joseph Chung, this initiative has awarded $5.9 million to students from over 44 institutions.

The program fosters community by offering mentorship and personal growth opportunities. Notably, 50 North Korean refugees studying theology have also received scholarships.

This initiative equips our community to generate a positive impact through their respective fields.

Together, we shape a brighter future through education and empowerment. Join this movement by visiting Coram Deo Foundation.

Coram Deo Foundation Impact


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