Primacorp Ventures Inc. Provides Free Breakfast to Ukrainian Refugees

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Primacorp Foundations, the philanthropic arm of Primacorp Ventures Inc., has initiated a new project to provide assistance to refugees. The foundation is currently providing accommodation to more than 200 Ukrainian refugees at Amenida Residences, a hotel chain that takes pride in its history of supporting people in need. Additionally, the foundation is offering these refugees complimentary breakfast. 

The breakfast buffet offers a variety of nutritious ingredients, which includes alternatives for different dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and others. The chefs in the hotel have also incorporated some traditional Ukrainian breakfast recipes. 

The hotel the Ukrainian refugees are currently residing in is owned by Primacorp Ventures and operated by Primacorp’s Real Estate division. “We are the only hotel that provides these free breakfasts for more than 200 people who had to flee their home country because of the war. We try to create a feeling of home for these people to feel more welcomed in Canada”, explains Najib Raie, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Primacorp Ventures. The free breakfast is planned to continue through April. 

Primacorp Ventures provides exceptional care and support to Ukrainian refugees. As a display of its commitment to the refugees, the company’s Real Estate division has decided to employ skilled refugees to fill vacancies in the hotel's staff pool. So far, 15 refugees have found employment at the hotel. 

“We want to be more than just caregivers to these refugees; we want to give these people a perspective,” emphasizes Mr. Raie.  

Primacorp Ventures is dedicated to exploring options on how to foster its support for newcomers in general and Ukrainian immigrants across Canada in particular. In November 2023, Primacorp donated $65,000 to refugee causes: $50,000 to the Canadian Council for Refugees and $15,000 to MOSAIC refugee projects. In October of the previous year, Primacorp donated another $50,000 to the New Canadians Centre Peterborough, Ontario, to revitalize an important refugee and immigration Conference. 

Primacorp also established a specialized bursary program to help refugees obtain career vocational training, enter the Canadian workforce, and become financially independent. This support is available for all eligible CDI College students. Refugees will have access to academic English classes prior to joining the career program, as well as specialized job placement and career services after graduation.

Primacorp Ventures Inc. is dedicated to supporting the community through consistent philanthropy efforts. With its four post-secondary colleges, Visual College of Art and DesignCDI CollegeVancouver Career College, and Reeves College, Primacorp Ventures is Canada’s largest independent provider of private post-secondary education. Together with its business divisions in real estate and healthcare, Primacorp Ventures focuses on changing lives through education, service, and care.