Primacorp Ventures Donates $25,000 to Support Vancouver Police Foundation’s Mental Resilience Conference

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The first Tuesday of October 2023 marked a significant date on Andrea Wright's calendar. On this pivotal day, Dr. Peter Chung, Chairman of Primacorp Ventures, presented a donation of $25,000 to the Vancouver Police Foundation.

In a heartfelt statement, Andrea Wright, the Executive Director of the Vancouver Police Foundation, expressed her deep appreciation, saying, "On behalf of the Vancouver Police Foundation, I wanted to express our gratitude to Dr. Peter Chung and his family. The money will support our Beyond 2020 conference for law enforcement members. The generous donation will help us organize this important conference, which will be held in person in November this year here in Vancouver for the first time."

Dr. Chung, reflecting on the importance of supporting the local community, stated, "We wanted to contribute to our immediate local community, and I appreciate what the VPD does for the Vancouver community. I am saddened when officers on duty are shot.

Last year, we gave over $1 million in scholarships, and we would like to include the children of fallen officers to be eligible for scholarships from now on." Together with Christian Chia, a colleague from the active police force, Andrea Wright, talked about the important work the Vancouver Police Foundation has done for the community for almost five decades now. The foundation's primary objective is to secure funding for essential community-based programs outside the Vancouver Police Department's regular operating budget. Since its inception in 1976, the Vancouver Police Foundation has granted over $14.5 million to support nearly 300 innovative programs around the metropolitan area.

Having served as the Executive Director of the Vancouver Police Foundation for five years, Andrea Wright reflected on their accomplishments, stating, "Looking back on this journey, I recall countless achievements made possible through the unwavering support of individuals like Dr. Chung and many individuals in Vancouver. However," Wright adds, "this generosity is incredibly inspiring, especially during the last three challenging years" emphasizes Wright.

To properly address all those emerging challenges, Police Departments worldwide – not only in Vancouver – need sufficient funding. Whenever an expense or initiative exceeds the regular operating budget, the Vancouver Police Foundation tries to step in and cover the costs.


Dr. Peter Chung in his office at Primacorp Ventures









"In recent years, my team and I have worked very hard to secure these funds and donations and to increase the support for the Vancouver Police Foundation overall. We align gifts to donor interest and this approach has helped us to secure over $3 million to 113 programs and initiatives in 2023 alone," explains Wright proudly.

At Primacorp Ventures, we are dedicated to supporting the community through our consistent philanthropy efforts. Our donation to the Vancouver Police Foundation’s mission is another milestone in our efforts to change lives through education, service, and care.

To find out more about Vancouver Police Foundation and support their cause, you can visit their website

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