APD Supports 200 Families in Herat with Post-Earthquake Food Aid

Monday, January 15, 2024

In the wake of a devastating earthquake that struck Western, Afghanistan, the Agency for Peace and Development (APD), in partnership with Primacorp Ventures Inc. has launched a crucial food aid initiative and supported 200 affected families. This project is a lifeline for a region grappling with immense challenges, offering immediate relief and setting the stage for recovery. 

The Urgent Situation:

Herat, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, has been rocked by a powerful earthquake, leaving thousands of families displaced and in dire need of assistance. This disaster has dealt a severe blow to the livelihoods and well-being of the local population. According to the UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Office (OCHA), more than 21,500 homes have been confirmed destroyed, and over 154,000 people have been impacted. 

The victims of the earthquake have expressed great concern that if they are not helped in the harsh winter, many children and women may lose their lives. These efforts provide urgent needs such as shelter, food, blankets and warm clothes, which are essential for the survival of over 150,000 victims.

The Project:

The Agency for Peace and Development (APD), a Canadian humanitarian organization committed to disaster relief and recovery, has launched a comprehensive food package distribution project to address the urgent food security needs of earthquake-affected communities. This project encompasses the distribution of essential food items such as rice, wheat flour, beans, sugar, tea, and cooking oil ensuring that the most vulnerable families receive the support they desperately need.

Funding and Partnership:

This impactful initiative has been made possible through the generous support of Primacorp Ventures Inc., which has played a pivotal role in funding the project. The project is being implemented on the ground by the committed team at the APD, working closely with local communities and civil society to ensure that aid reaches those in need.


Dr. Peter Chung, Chairman and CEO of Primacorp Inc. Canada, expressed, "Our hearts go out to the people of Herat during this challenging time. We are dedicated to providing immediate assistance and helping these communities on their path to recovery. This project is a testament to our commitment to giving back to communities in need."

About Primacorp Ventures:

Primacorp Ventures Inc. is dedicated to supporting the community through consistent philanthropy efforts. With its four post-secondary colleges, Visual College of Art and Design, CDI College, Vancouver Career College, and Reeves College, Primacorp Ventures is Canada's largest independent provider of private post-secondary education. Together with its business divisions in real estate and healthcare, Primacorp Ventures focuses on changing lives through education, service, and care.

About Agency for Peace & Development (APD):

APD is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to providing disaster relief, recovery, and support to communities in need worldwide. With a history of impactful projects, our mission is to make a difference when it matters most.

In this time of crisis, APD remains steadfast in its commitment to assisting the people of Herat and helping them rebuild their lives. We invite the media and the global community to stand with us in bringing hope and relief to those who need it most.