Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Paediatric Oncology Unit Seeks Renovation with $1 Million Donation Towards Their Goal

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thanks to the $1 million dollar donation from Dr. Peter Chung and family on Wednesday, December 11, Surrey Hospital Foundation is just a step away from their final fundraising goal.

“This is a very special gift and it will help us redesign our Surrey Hospital paediatric oncology unit,” says Jane Adams, President & CEO, Surrey Hospital Foundation. “Our current paediatric oncology unit was built 20 years ago, and this centre was built so children in Surrey and surrounding communities could receive chemotherapy close to home.”

With the rise in treatment for paediatric care and treatment at Surrey Memorial, this hospital now treats 20 percent of all new paediatric cancer cases across the province.

Right now, there is adequate care and facilities in Vancouver, but the resources are not plentiful in the Fraser Valley. For the families in Surrey and surrounding areas, it becomes extremely difficult to commute into the city multiple times a week.

“[My daughter] started treatment in Vancouver, which involved driving from Langley into Vancouver, three to five times a week,” says Laura Drummond, mother of Surrey Memorial Hospital patient. “It was stressful for me and miserable for her – anytime in a vehicle, when you’re weak and tired and nauseous is awful, and an hour and a half feels like forever.”

Dr. Chung expressed his concern for these families and how he believes there should be treatment available closer to home.

“Just to have this type of cancer treatment facility [available] locally, instead of driving all the way to Vancouver, I hope and pray it will lessen a bit of the pain for parents, and also the children receiving this treatment,” says Dr. Chung.

Grace Drummond, Surrey Memorial Hospital patient, says she is extremely thankful for Dr. Chung’s donation to the local hospital because she “loves it here”. “Everyone is understanding and loving, and they make me feel more comfortable.”

The completion of Surrey Memorial Hospital’s paediatric oncology department will allow for a modern, uplifting environment that reinforces healing.

“Care will be provided closer to home for many children and families in this area,” says Dr. Victoria Lee, President & CEO, Fraser Health Authority. “[The impact of this donation] will ensure that we’re expanding our services to include cardiology, neurology, and bringing state-of-the-art, virtual, and innovative care to this centre.”

Fraser Health Authority is responsible for the health of 1.8 million people, including 43 percent of our population’s children. Learn more about Fraser Health Authority here.

Surrey Memorial Hospital is a division of Fraser Health Authority, and currently the largest of three regional hospitals in Fraser Health’s integrated network of care. Learn more about Surrey Memorial Hospital here.

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