Amenida Seniors’ Community is housing for seniors that isn’t just “home-like”, it is home.  We are unique in that we provide affordable, independent and assisted living services to seniors in a truly multi-cultural environment.  While we specialize in providing services that recognize and fulfill the unique needs of Korean seniors, at Amenida we are equally welcoming and strive to meet the needs of seniors of all cultural backgrounds.

Over the years, housing for seniors has typically followed either a single- or a multi- cultural model.  Amenida Seniors’ Community is both in that we serve Korean seniors, by providing culturally specific meals and activities and bilingual staffing.  And in addition, we have within our same building a community of seniors who are culturally diverse.  Every day there are a wide variety of opportunities for everyone to enjoy individual or shared activities and events.

While we recognize and celebrate our cultural differences, we also focus on the many ways that people are the same, sharing the same needs and core values. In keeping with the Primacorp mission, we have been able to create an environment where the sharing of cultures and opportunities to learn from each other is actively promoted, while serving the care needs of seniors.  This sharing of culture and experience has inspired feelings of friendship and family, empathy and understanding and created an atmosphere of sincere caring for one another between residents, staff and guests.

This approach to supporting and caring for seniors has resonated well within the community of Surrey and we are proud to have been voted as Surrey’s favourite seniors housing three years in a row (2011, 2012, 2013).