Our post-secondary institutes offer a wide range of educational programs from graduate and undergraduate degrees to art and design diplomas and accelerated career training programs in the fields of business, healthcare, education, language, technology and skilled trades.

All of our programs, totaling more than 120, follow focused, market-driven curriculum, offer small class sizes and flexible schedules, taught by instructors that possess extensive professional experience in their fields. The schools also offer career placement services to assist students in finding employment after graduation.

This year, we expect to enroll more than 15,000 students across all divisions. Approximately 10,000 learners will graduate from our university programs, career training programs and Traditional Chinese Medicine programs.

Internationally,Primacorp Ventures has embarked on a forward thinking English Immersion Program that is sure to provide all global citizens with much benefit for generations to come. Combining expertise in delivering student centric educationalcurricula and the expertise of the municipal government in Taishan, China, we are delivering our English Immersion program to the highest standards through an embedded school arrangement. Having completed its firstyear in its model school, we are looking forward to taking this model across China and globally